What is a good IO score? (2023)

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What is a good IO score?

99 logs is very good to me and 100 is excellent. imo 99/100 logs indicate not just excellence, but being part of an excellent group.

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What is a good score on Raider io?

1500+ is a score where you can be reasonably sure that anyone with that score is a good player. They'll do damage and use their utility properly. As you hit 1600 and above, those are people that are really motivated to do keys, and you can generally assume they're not a bad pick.

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How can I get 2500 IO score?

To earn an IO Score of 2500 and Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three, (which is the highest level behind which Valor upgrades are gated), you'll need to average out to a +15 in time in each dungeon on both Fortified and Tyrannical.

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What is io score?

Your overall IO score, though, is simply the sum of all the individual scores for every dungeon you've done. This means that each dungeon can award you a certain amount of points, and only your best run from each dungeon counts.

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How do you get a 7 in IO?

How to get a 7 on your Literature IOs
  1. Keep a running log of themes in the books you read. ...
  2. Make your global issue original. ...
  3. Structure your IO with balance. ...
  4. Always connect back to your global issue. ...
  5. Namedrop a few literary terms. ...
  6. If you can find connections between how two texts approach a global issue, name them.
Dec 14, 2020

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How to get 2000 Mythic Plus rating?

2,000 Mythic+ rating is equivalent to completing a +15 in every dungeon both Tyrannical and Fortified. Since the achievement is based on rating instead of completing a +15, this means that you can complete a +14 in one dungeon and replace it with a +16 in another dungeon!

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What is an average raider io?

Raiderio is currently reporting for just under 4 million individual characters - just half of which are reporting an io score of 380.1 ish (or higher). Roughly translated - that means just under 2 million toons are capable of timing an at least plus 5 in most dungeons.

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Can Raider IO score go down?

No, your character's Mythic+ score will never go down by running a key out of time or a lower key level. It may not go up, but it will never go down. This is because when calculating your Mythic+ score we only add up the highest scoring run you have from each dungeon.

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How is Raider IO score calculated?

A character's Mythic+ score is calculated by summing their highest scoring run from each dungeon. Characters earn a score for each of their roles, and a score across all of their roles combined. This character, Gravykin, had individual role scores of 225.7 for Healer, and 1137.5 for DPS.

What rating do you need for Keystone Master?

The Keystone Master Feat of Strength, instead, is a seasonal achievement and requires that you obtain a Mythic+ score of 2000 during the Mythic+ season.

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How do I increase my mythic plus score?

How Mythic+ Dungeon Score is Calculated
  1. 37.5 rating for completing a keystone.
  2. Each keystone level adds an extra 7.5 rating.
  3. Each affix adds an additional 7.5 rating, with the Seasonal affix Tormented adding 15 rating.
Jun 27, 2021

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How do you get a top score in hole Io?

Hole.io Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a Super High Score
  1. Get A Good Start. What is this? ...
  2. Use Your Time Wisely. ...
  3. The Ad Route. ...
  4. Parking Lots Are Yummy. ...
  5. Public Parks Are Filled With Food. ...
  6. Big Buildings Make Big Holes. ...
  7. Hunt For Holes. ...
  8. Know When To Move On.
Jun 19, 2018

What is a good IO score? (2023)
How does mythic plus rating work?

For simply completing a Mythic+ dungeon, you'll earn a baseline 37.5 rating. But every keystone level you add onto the dungeon adds an extra 7.5 points of rating. Additionally, each affix applied to the dungeon gives 7.5 more points, while the seasonal affix, Tormented, gives an additional 15 rating.

What do you get for Keystone Hero?

you will get a chance for awesome high-item level loot from every key run; M+ keys cleared in-timer to complete the requirements for FoS achievement; you can opt to do Keystone Hero boost in a piloted mode to minimize your stress; all that with the 24/7 support and curation of our manager!

Does mythic rating reset?

Completing a key provides a rating based on three factors—the level of the key, the Affixes in the key, and the run's time compared to the dungeon's timer. With each Season, Mythic+ ratings are reset in the display.

Is IB English Language and Literature hard?

The exams can be a hard spot for IB for many students, and one of its flagship subjects, English Literature, is considered difficult and its exam is no different.

How do I ace IB English oral?

10 Steps to success in the IB Oral Commentary (updated September 2021)
  1. Know your works! ...
  2. Choose your Global Issue carefully. ...
  3. Think about the “form”(text type) as well as the content of the work. ...
  4. Dig deep and deconstruct. ...
  5. Pull out and Position. ...
  6. Choose a structure that works for you. ...
  7. Use the 10 bullet points wisely.
Oct 12, 2020

How do I prepare for IO?

5 Steps to planning your Individual Oral (IO)
  1. English A: Literature. ...
  2. English A: Language and Literature. ...
  3. Step 1: Choose the texts. ...
  4. Step 2: Select the Global Issue. ...
  5. Step 3: Choose the extracts. ...
  6. Step 4: Time management. ...
  7. Step 5: The 5' discussion. ...
  8. References.
Apr 12, 2021

What is the easiest Mythic?

1) Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

With only four bosses, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is perhaps the absolute easiest Mythic+ dungeon you could tackle in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Mostly, it's a straightforward dungeon, but you want to bring a group of players with interrupt abilities.

What item level is mythic +15?

By completing Mythic +15 dungeons, you can get a chance to loot 398 ilvl item at the end of the dungeon.

What is the highest mythic Plus level?

Mythic+ 34, the Highest Key Ever, Conquered!

How much are mythic plus keys worth?

Base Score will then convert into a Mythic+ Rating depending on whether it is your best run overall or your best from the opposite affix (Tyrannical/Fortified). When a key is your Best Run for a dungeon it is worth 150% of the base score.

How do I claim Alt on Raider io?

1- Log in to https://raider.io/, and navigate to your Settings. 3- Check 'Mark as Main Character. ' then click 'Save' (By default, this is all you need to do. However, if you want to confirm it will show on all your alts, continue reading.)

How do you make a Raider IO M+ team?

How Do I Make a Mythic+ Team? Creation of a Mythic+ Team functions similarly to creating an in-game guild. First, the Captain of the team will create a Team Charter on Raider.IO. You can enter your own team name (or use our random team name generator), then select your Faction, Region and Subregion.

How often is Raider IO updated?

The addon is updated many times throughout the day. Depending on where you download the addon from, and your Patreon status you will have access to different data update rates: RaiderIO Revered Client User: Four times per day (00:00 UTC, 06:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC, 18:00 UTC) - Support us on Patreon.

What is Raider IO live tracking?

Live Tracking allows you to have your Raids and Mythic+ runs instantly tracked via your WoW Combat Log. You'll get several immediate benefits with this feature: Instant updates on the site. Right after you finish a boss or Mythic+ run the progress updates will appear right away on the site.

Can I remove myself from Raider io?

You can safely disconnect your Blizzard account at this point and then delete your Raider.IO account by going here: https://raider.io/settings/delete-account. Just make sure to not remove character customizations, otherwise the privacy settings you had applied to the characters will be wiped.

Why is my character not on Raider io?

The addon shows scores for all players who meet the following criteria: You've earned at least 200 points in the current or any previous Mythic+ season or are at least 3/9 for raid progress on any difficulty above LFR. You've logged into the game in the past 30 days.

Why can't I see my own Raider IO score?

There are several reasons why your score might not show in the addon, but these are the most common: The player may be running an outdated database. Ensure that they've updated to the latest version of the app. Your score is not high enough in the current or previous season.

How do I update my Raider IO score?

  1. Go to raider.io.
  2. look yourself up (or if you have a profile, click on it)
  3. Click "update profile"
Dec 26, 2020

What percent of players get Keystone Master?

So according to Wowhead this Achievement has been attained by 4% of WoWhead profiles.

How hard is Keystone Hero?

So those of us that push keys know that in order to get the keystone hero title at the end of the season, you need to be in the top . 1 percent of all players scorewise. Due to the exclusivity of the title, this is very hard to do, but even harder if you are not a meta class.

What score do you need for Keystone Master season 3?

Shadowlands Keystone Explorer: Season Three requires a Mythic+ Rating of at least 900 (was 750) in Season 3. Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Three requires 1,850 Mythic+ Rating in Season 3 (up from 1,500).

How do you get 3000 rating on mythic Plus?

Reaching 3000 rating in Season 3 is the equivalent of reaching 2400 in Season 2, or completing all +20s in time in both Fortified and Tyrannical. Rating in Season 3 is inflated due to the addition of the two Tazavesh wings to the Mythic+ rotation.

What is the best DPS for mythic Plus?

Havoc Demon Hunter

This spec has one of the best DPS across the board. Havoc Demon Hunter has the most complete DPS package, great survivability, an immunity, good self-sustain, and amazing mobility.

Can mythic 0 items be upgraded?

Mythic +0 Dungeon Gear that starts at Item Level 236 (Rank 1) can be upgraded to Rank 6 (Item Level 252) without any requirements. All the higher-rank upgrades (from Rank 6 to 7 and above) are gated behind the Mythic Scoring System.

Can you get to level 20 in hole io?

Before the update that broke it, you could reach level 20. The game would end when all living players reached level 20, placing them all on 1st place. What you can do until they fix this bug: Make sure nobody else reaches level 19.

What is the most successful Io game?

Here, have a look:
  • Slither.io- Best io games. If you are a 90s kid, you might be aware of the classic old game “Snake”. ...
  • Agar.io. Agar.io is the first game that comes to people's minds when they look for browser-based games. ...
  • 2048.io. ...
  • Flappyroyale.io. ...
  • Diep.io. ...
  • Tetr.io. ...
  • Skribbl.io.
Nov 2, 2022

What is the highest score ever in hole io?

How many points have you received in one round? Probably enough to make you proud, but here's the thing: the world record for this game is 2354 points.Do you have what it takes to beat that crazy score? Are you familiar with every corner of the map and ready to use every object and structure to your advantage?

Can you repeat mythic 0 dungeons?

Common Problems. You may only loot bosses in Mythic dungeons once per week. If you had completed this dungeon in Mythic before, please wait until the weekly reset to repeat the dungeon for loot.

What level mythic plus should I be doing?

Well, for Dragonflight Mythic Season 1 a good start will be at least 350 item level. Of course, the more the better, but having 350 ilvl gear as a damage dealer should be enough for Keystone Levels from +2 to +5. Healers and tanks, however, are required to have 360+ item level for obvious reasons.

How many mythic points do you get per win?

Each win earn 5–20 (in normal Mythic) or 5–15 (in Mythical Glory) points and each loss subtracts 5–15 points depending on the rank of the enemies. When a player reaches 600 points, Mythic transforms into Mythical Glory, which theoretically holds an infinite number of points.

What is a perfect keystone score?

Each Keystone Exam has a minimum and maximum score that stays the same across years. The Proficient score is set at 1500 for all exams.

What is a passing grade on the Keystone Exams?

A composite score is the sum of the scale scores for the three Keystone Exams. A student must achieve at least a scale score of 1500 on any one exam in order to score proficient, with 4500 as the sum of three proficient scores.

How do you know if you passed the keystones?

Keystone Exams are scored by the state. Individual student score reports are then shipped to the school. We typically receive the score reports three to four months after the exams are administered. Upon receipt of the individual score reports, they are mailed to students' home addresses at that time.

How to get 2500 mythic rating?

To earn an IO Score of 2500 and Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three, (which is the highest level behind which Valor upgrades are gated), you'll need to average out to a +15 in time in each dungeon on both Fortified and Tyrannical.

How do I get my 2000 mythic score?

2,000 Mythic+ rating is equivalent to completing a +15 in every dungeon both Tyrannical and Fortified. Since the achievement is based on rating instead of completing a +15, this means that you can complete a +14 in one dungeon and replace it with a +16 in another dungeon!

What happens if you don't beat mythic timer?

Mythic keystones will downgrade if the dungeon is not completed within the timer or if the character who used the keystone leaves the dungeon: If you complete the dungeon but don't make the timer, you'll get a Keystone for a random dungeon that is 1 level lower than the one used.

What's the highest slither IO score?

Final Score - 199,743

Gamemar says it took four hours of non-stop slithering to get this huge score. Don't worry: the video itself is only 10 minutes long. It ends the player getting surrounded by other snakes, before he's finally squished to death.

What should be in a io conclusion?

A conclusion should be brief, and could address all or some of the following: A statement as to what is the most important element of the extract either an aspect of content or style, or both.

What is the IO for IB?

IO stands for Individual Oral and is an integral part of the assessment for English A Language and Literature. It is usually taken in the first term of the final year of the IB, so for many, it is their first taste of a formal exam.

How long should my Io be?

The IO lasts for 15 minutes. You should aim to speak for 10 minutes. Practice your IO so that you speak for exactly 10 minutes, give or take about 15 seconds). After you have spoken for 10 minutes, your teacher will ask you questions for a further 5 minutes.

What is the longest snake io?

The snake continues to grow larger in length and thickness until it reaches the maximum length of about 40,000 mass. After this point the score will increase but the size of the snake will stay the same.

How do you get big in snake io?

Start by eating smaller snakes and you will keep getting bigger. When you reach the size of at least 3000, start trapping the snakes in a circle and eating them. Keep doing it and you will be at the top of leader boards.

Does Slither.io have cheat codes?

Active codes: 0056-6697-1963 – Hard hat, dragon wings, crown. 0150-6765-3242 – Monocle, heart-shaped glasses, groucho glasses.

What do you say in an IO?

Introduce the global issue. Don't be vague in this section and spend around 2-3 sentences specifying how and why your global issue is relevant and multifaceted enough for an IO. Introduce your first text. Give only the most significant details such as the author's name, date, text type, and text source.

How do you write an IO outline?

What's your plan for the individual oral (IO)? You are allowed 10 bullet points for your outline. It should include your global issue and list the works from which the extracts are taken.

How is a 45 score in IB?

Few IB Tips to Get That Perfect 45
  1. Perfect Time Management: The Essence of Success.
  2. You Have Study Properly and In-Depth and Not Superfluously.
  3. Scoring a 7 in IB English Language and Literature Not Insurmountable.
  4. A well-oiled and tangible timetable.
  5. Keep Abreast of Things Around You.
  6. Run as If in a Race.
Oct 23, 2021

What IB students get 45?

Achieving a perfect score in IB is hard but not impossible! Less than 1% of IB candidates achieve an IB 45 world-wide.

How do I ace my IB English IO?

What do I need for the perfect IB English IO grade?
  1. When choosing sources, make sure you choose ones you feel confident relating to a global issue.
  2. A strong IO title will not be too broad. ...
  3. Come up with your thesis statement or line of argument before you break down exactly what you will cover in the IB English IO.
May 14, 2021

How do you ace individual oral English?

10 Steps to success in the IB Oral Commentary (updated September 2021)
  1. Know your works! ...
  2. Choose your Global Issue carefully. ...
  3. Think about the “form”(text type) as well as the content of the work. ...
  4. Dig deep and deconstruct. ...
  5. Pull out and Position. ...
  6. Choose a structure that works for you. ...
  7. Use the 10 bullet points wisely.
Oct 12, 2020

Is the IO panel necessary?

No, its not. But its a good idea to have one to help support the ports as some thinner motherboards do flex a lot when anything is plugged into them (mostly newer ones). Reducing dust is more of a secondary function.

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