How long should my Io be? (2023)

How long is an IO?

Io (moon)
Satellite ofJupiter
GroupGalilean moon
Physical characteristics
Dimensions3,660.0 × 3,637.4 × 3,630.6 km
34 more rows

How long is the individual oral?

The individual oral lasts 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions by the teacher. The individual oral is internally assessed and externally moderated by the IB. Audio recordings of the oral, together with the relevant extracts, are required for the purpose of moderation.

How do you get a 7 on English io?

How to get a 7 on your Literature IOs
  1. Keep a running log of themes in the books you read. ...
  2. Make your global issue original. ...
  3. Structure your IO with balance. ...
  4. Always connect back to your global issue. ...
  5. Namedrop a few literary terms. ...
  6. If you can find connections between how two texts approach a global issue, name them.
Dec 14, 2020

How long can IB oral bullet points be?

The outline must not exceed 10 bullet points, and each bullet point should be reasonably long. Bear in mind that an outline is not an equivalent of speech notes. It should serve as a springboard for your oral and you should not read it as a prepared script.

How long can bullet points be for IB English IO?

You may not read the outline as a prepared script. The form allows a maximum of 10 bullet points to help structure your oral.

How do I know if my Io needle is in place?

Use a twisting motion with gentle but firm pressure. until there is a sudden release of resistance as the needle enters the marrow space. If the needle is placed correctly, it should stand easily without support.

Does it hurt to get an Io?

IO access can be extremely painful. However, the patient's pain level can be reduced to a bearable level by injecting 2% preservative-free lidocaine through a special port before starting the infusion.

How long can Io extracts be?

Extracts should not exceed 40 lines: one (passage from a) literary text, and one (passage/screenshot from a) non-literary text.

How long should an oral exam be?

Oral Exams generally last about 30 to 60 minutes. During this process, the exam panel will ask you and all the other candidates the same set of structured job-related questions.

How long should your oral presentation be?

Keep to time. The standard length for oral presentations at a conference is 10-15 minutes. You should NEVER exceed the time limit. As a guide, the number of your Power Point slides should correspond to the minutes you have for the presentation.

How far apart are IO and Europa?

The Moons of Jupiter
NameDiscovererDistance from Jupiter
IoGalileo, 1610421,600 km/261,970 mi
EuropaGalileo, 1610670,900 km/416,880 mi
GanymedeGalileo, 16101,070,000 km/664,870 mi
CallistoGalileo, 16101,883,000 km/1,170,000 mi
14 more rows

What size is an IO needle?

IO needle set: 45mm (humerus insertion or excessive tissue), 25mm (> 40kg) 15mm (3-39kg)

Is IO faster than IV?

An IO is a quick way to get vascular access in a code, faster than an IV and with greater first-attempt success.

What is an example of an IO?

Typical I/O devices are printers, hard disks, keyboards, and mouses. In fact, some devices are basically input-only devices (keyboards and mouses); others are primarily output-only devices (printers); and others provide both input and output of data (hard disks, diskettes, writable CD-ROMs).


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